Welcome to Remote Adventures Hunting

Remoteadventures is situated on the Larsen property the top end of the Watotara valley in prime fallow hunting country , We have 2 huts on the farm where hunters can self-guide ,we can also supply guides on request . To get to these huts hunters can either use the Jet Ranger helicopter that operates from our base or when the tracks allow be transported by 4x4 .also hunters can use their own quad bikes so long as all regulations are followed( tracks permitting as well) We have also Goat, Wild Bull, pig hunting, goat shooting by jet boat, scenic flights by helicopter, Jet boat tours. Fallow Buck: best time to hunt is April – May which is the fallow roar and those bucks that are not normally seen can drop their guard, so during April we only do bookings for hunters interested in management and trophy Bucks .Using a Guide for trophy hunts is recommend . Venison Hunts: year round hunting, except April when the roars on. Goat hunting: plenty of meat animals about with the Trophy goats being about as well . Bull Hunting: great hunt where access is by helicopter and a Guide is needed. These are a true wild bull, to date we have been able to recover most of the meat which makes great salamis, mince sausages etc. Pig hunting : we have fly ins to the large area of DOC area at our back door step , also on request we can do guided pig hunts with dogs .

General Information

  • Hunters are given a detailed map of farm boundary’s and hunting areas,
  • Both huts have basic cooking gear,
  • The slab hut has an open fire,1 bunk, and a spare mattress
  • The ridge hut has a fire box, lights, hot water, and 2 bunks.
  • We have a emergency kit in both huts that has emergency procedures.
  • Basic Hazards have been identified and listed for hunters to read.

Fallow Buck

Fair chase hunts for fallow buck from March threw to September. The best hunting during the April Roar.

Venison Hunts

Year round hunting, we garantee on venison that an animal will be seen with a fair shot being able to be taken. Skinning and dressing out of animals all part of the service.

Pig Hunting

One of N.Z.’s most thrilling game animals - the “Captain Cook” boar. We use dogs on hunts and a level of fitness is required. Stays in bush huts can be included. Transport on hunts are by jetboat or four wheel bike. Pigs are hunted year round.

Wild Bull Hunting

They originate from the old dairy cattle that were farmed in the area around 1920.The colours range from black,white to red and black striped of the good old jersey breed renown for it’s bad temperament. One of the wild animals in N.Z. where you can be hunter one minute and hunted the next.

Goat Hunting

A good opportunity to get your eye in. This is also a great way for the first time hunter to secure there first animal. There is nothing wrong with a bit of goat in the freezer also. We can hunt goat either on the home block or up the river by Jet Boat, the jet boat trip being very exciting (see video)

Duck Hunting

Ducks - season 1st May - 30 July

Trout Fishing

Back country river fishing for Brown Trout. Access by jet boat.