If you are looking for one stop glacier fun, then Westland National Park is the perfect sanctuary for your ice fetish! Called the ‘glacier country’, this park has huge ridges of ice going all the way down to sea level. You will be shocked with the diversity of contrasting terrain that consists of everything
from glaciers to coasts, grasslands to wetlands, lakes to rivers and all in between.

Depending on how you want to travel, you can hike through the park, bike through it, or even take kayaks to enjoy the beauty of one of the most unique places on earth. But the reason why so many tourists are attracted to this place are the Fox and Franz Josef glaciers. These fast moving glaciers can move up to 4 meters every single day, which is way too fast for giant blocks of ice! Compared to this, the Tasman Glacier only moves about 650 millimetres a day! You can even hear the groan and
grinding of the glacier as it moves and the experience of seeing and hearing a glacier move is one that is unforgettable.

This isn’t the only attraction that the National Park has to offer. There are also hunting opportunities, the remains of old gold mining towns. You can also check out the hot springs at Welcome Flat Hut and soak your freezing feet there. If you are into hunting, then you have the choice of hunting tahr, red deer and chamois. These grounds can be accessed through helicopters.

Don’t worry about packing a picnic with you because you will find enough eateries that cater to your need. Just make sure you plan your whole day for the tour because time really does slip by without you noticing. If you have kids along, keep an extra change of clothes that are warm!