The Complete NZ Travel Guide


New Zealand

Think of land endowed with cryptic rocks, beautiful snow-white-capped mountains, smoldering volcanoes, hobbit holes, screeching glaciers, black sand beaches and still lakes; think of New Zealand. Located in the south-western Pacific Ocean close to the water hemisphere, New Zealand is truly a home to tourists from every corner of the earth.  

Are you planning your next vacation to New Zealand, then this should handy and ideal guide.  Before you make that decision, carefully read through the guide below –

Facts About New Zealand

Traveling to NZ? Here are some things you need to know before you get on that plane. 

  • Capital – Wellington
  • Size – 268,680 sq km (103,738 sq mi)
  • Language– English, Maori & New Zealand sign language
  • Unit of measure – Metre
  • Mobile Networks – The leading networks in New Zealand are Vodafone and Spark. They are quite similar but Vodafone can be bought tax-free at the airport; it comes with 3GB data and 200 calls/texts valid for 2 months all for NZ $49.
  • Largest city – Auckland
  • Tipping – None
  • Religion – Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Judaism, Non-religious
    Currency – New Zealand Dollars (NZD). NZ $1 = US $0.67
  • Electricity – 50 Hz, 230 volts
  • Common language tipsKia ora – Hello
    Nga Mihi – Thank you
    Morena – Good morning
    Ka Pai –  Good
    Aotearoa –  New Zealand
    Haere mai – Welcome, come in

How To Get to New Zealand

If you are looking for the most affordable and easiest means to access New Zealand, then your best bet is first landing in Auckland Airport. The reason is so you can connect to any part of the country and also find most carriers from this airport since it’s like the country’s main hub.

Asides Auckland, other considerable airports include Queenstown (South Island), Wellington (North Island), Dunedin (South Island), and Christchurch (South Island). For those visiting from Australia, Sydney Airport is ideal because of its flight flexibility. If North America is your departure destination, then you should consider Vancouver, San Francisco or Los Angeles. Flight cost varies between $1,000 – 1,200 when visiting from Europe and not more than $100 if you are heading from Australia.

Getting Around New Zealand

Finding your way around New Zealand requires some means of transportation listed below-


For those who don’t like the idea of using small vehicles for commuting, the bus could be a great option. Buses can be used for long distances and their fares can be as little as $1 and close to $40 for major destinations like intercity routing. If you are trying to save costs, you can show up at departure points instead of buying of directly buying tickets.


Taxis are quite expensive in New Zealand especially in large cities like Auckland and Wellington as it is often used for emergencies but Uber could be a great option because of its affordability and ease of booking.

Hire a Campervan or Car

If you want to have a full view of New Zealand, then you should hire a campervan or car. Campervan rentals are around $40 for a whole day while cars are more expensive at $50 per day; petrol prices are usually around $2 per litre.


Aside from being an affordable means of transportation, cycling can also strengthen the muscles. Many tourists in New Zealand opt-in for cycling as it is a great way of going around the cities and countryside. You can opt for secondhand bikes if you are low on budget as against buying a new one.


Most Europeans on tour in New Zealand always prefer this option for commuting, unlike the locals. It is always advised that females should not hitchhike alone but if they should do, then extreme caution should be taken especially in cases where the driver is acting up funny and strange.


New Zealand has a good deal of domestic flights; for travelers on a low budget, trips between February and June should be avoided as prices spring up due to the commencement of new semesters for students. Domestic flights cost between $40 – 100 depending on the destination on airlines like Jetstar and Air New Zealand.

" New Zealand is not a small country but a large village. "
Peter Jackson


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