Getting accommodation in New Zealand is not difficult as there are several good suitable options. Some of which are listed below –

  • AirBNB – If you are on a high budget, then AirBNB will be ideal for you as you can find convenient lodges such as luxurious cottages and nicely built cabins. You should carve out a budget of $50 for a night when booking for AirBNB accommodations.


  • Bach Booking – If you are traveling in a group then a Bach (kiwi word referring to a small house close a beach) should be your best bet. Booking a Bach usually costs between $100-120 and it’s perfect for groups because of its affordability.


  • Camping –This is the best choice for tourists that are low on budget as there are free camps that are set up and maintained by the DOC (Department of Conservation). Some holiday parks also provide camps but with more facilities and accessibility and the fee, range is $40 per night.