Welcome to Remote Adventures Jet Boating

Hurtling past native bush the Remote Adventures jet boat tour takes you deep into the waitotara state forest

Passengers have the option of a 30min walk to view the terereohaupa falls and stop at the trains hut for a brew and hear about some of the history that has passed., A real Kiwi adventure

Tramping option 
This option has been very popular, clients jet boat one way stay at the trains hut (sleeps 8) and walk back along the walk track that follows the river, this walk takes 4hrs mostly along a 4 foot bridle track.

The jet boat operates on an on demand bases and year round, carries up to 5 passengers

Jet Boat

Description Price

One way  to trains 1-5 person


Return from trains


Tour 1-5 person

$100 per person min rate $400

Helicopter /jet boat  trip 1-4 persons

$200 per person min rate $800

Trip dependent on river conditions 
Boat takes 5 Passengers